Recent coverage on austerity, inequality, and class war

Gerald Caplan published a chilling opinion piece in today’s Globe and Mail: Don’t tell us it’s not a class warDemocracy Now! recently covered (and continues to cover) the public uprising in Greece as a result of high unemployment and deep austerity cuts, impoverishing many formerly working and middle class Greeks. Throughout history, inequality has had profound implications for urban revolutions and uprisings – and the breakdown of public order. Austerity measures, as Naomi Klein documented in The Shock Doctrine, increase inequality and further concentrate wealth in the hands of a few at the top.

The Guardian and the London School of Economics provided, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive qualitative study analyzing the underlying reasons for the 2011 London riots. There is a great 20-minute film available on The Guardian‘s website here.

Please share any comments or articles on these issues that you found particularly interesting.


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