April 24th Podcast // DTES Sequel 138 Condo Development Approved // Urban Soundscapes and Children’s Health

You can find the April 24th podcast here, and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and have it download to iTunes or your podcatcher automatically. In the first half of the show, Ivan Drury discusses the City of Vancouver’s Development Permit Board’s approval of the Sequel 138 condo project on the Pantages Theatre site (which was recently demolished and you can find photos here) and what this project means for gentrification in the Downtown Eastside. Details of the application are available here, and please note that they are provided by the developer. You can also see a letter signed by 30 academics (many specializing in gentrification and urban studies) in opposition to the development below this post.  In the second half of the show, Iain Marjoribanks shares recent research on the effect of urban soundscapes on children’s health, contrasting the False Creek South and Marpole neighbourhoods.



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