May 8 Podcast // Protests in Moscow and Housing in Gaza // Vancouver’s Living Wage Campaign // Musqueam’s Struggle to Protect Sacred Lands

The May 8th podcast is available here. In the podcast, you’ll find coverage of pro-democracy protests in Moscow as Putin begins his third term as president, and dissent is silenced by security forces. Gazans move into new housing, yet much more is needed to address the housing shortage. Also in the program, you’ll hear how the Musqueam continue their struggle to protect sacred lands in Marpole from development and the desecration of their burial grounds. The City brings you recent developments on this ongoing struggle and the recent rally and march. And in the last part of the podcast, The City speaks with Michael McCarthy Flynn about Vancouver’s Living Wage Campaign and the recently released 2012 Living Wage report.


  1. Kia

    Andy! Listened to the show for the first time today and found it super informative.
    Keep it up, glad to have you syndicated on CJSF.


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