May 15 Podcast // Sustainability, Urban Development, and Class Conflict

On the May 15th podcast, I talk at length with UBC Geography’s Noah Quastel about his current and past research on the intersections of ‘sustainability’, political ecology, urban development, and class conflict, within the context of Vancouver.

In 2009, Noah authored an article published in the journal Urban Geography titled “Political Ecologies of Gentrification.” The article “explores the possibilities for a political ecology of gentrification. Gentrification research, while firmly rooted in materialist social science, has not yet broadened its interests to consider ecological aspects of, or the role in gentrification of, discourses, social movements, and state policies of the environment. Understanding the political ecologies of gentrification involves recognizing the ways in which material relations and uneven resource consumption, concepts of nature, and the politics of urban environmental management affect gentrification processes. New developments in Vancouver increasingly contribute to gentrification using languages of sustainability and green consumption in a process of ecological gentrification.”


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