May 29 Podcast // Student Dispatch from Montreal // Musqueam to ‘Develop’ on East Van Cemetery // In the House Festival // Night School


The May 29th podcast is available here. In the first half of the show I speak with Musqueam spokesperson Cecilia Point at the Mountain View Cemetery rally as they are set to ‘develop’ on Vancouver’s only cemetery. You’ll also hear my conversations with Emiliano Sepulveda about the upcoming Vancouver Night School (May 31) and Myriam Steinberg about In the House Festival and music and art in a living room near you.

In the second half of the show, we hear from Montreal student activist Alejandra Zaga about the how the protests have been playing out on the streets, how the movement is shaping the urban experience, and how we are seeing the creation of new, highly fluid (radical) social spaces.

MUSIC // In Your House, Parlovr (Montreal) // Film III, Jorane (Montreal)


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