The Big Download Hits Cities // Redevelopment of Historic Avalon Dairy Farm // Women Transforming Cities

The June 12th podcast is available here.

In the first part of the program, I discuss the ‘big download’ with Charley Beresford (Executive Director, Centre for Civic Governance at the Columbia Institute). Provincial and federal governments are increasingly shifting costs and responsibilities onto municipalities, which have extremely limited tools to generate revenue. The Tyee‘s Adam Pez reported on this topic in a recent article.

In the second half, I talk with south Vancouver community activist Ian Mass about the proposed redevelopment of the historic Avalon Dairy farm lands, and efforts underway to ensure an agricultural, educational, and heritage legacy on the site. We also hear from Ellen Woodworth (Founder, Women Transforming Cities; former COPE City Councillor) and Penny Gurstein (Professor and Director, UBC School of Community and Regional Planning) about the launch of Women Transforming Cities and the importance in creating the ideal city for women and girls.

Professor Penny Gurstein’s complete speech at the Women Transforming Cities launch on why cities need to address gender equity (especially in Vancouver) is provided below. .

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