Author and Activist Jean Swanson on the Cost of Poverty // Future of Social Housing

In the first part of the program, I speak with anti-poverty activist (Carnegie Community Action Project and Raise the Rates), former COPE mayoral candidate, and author (Poor Bashing: The Politics of ExclusionJean Swanson. We discuss, among other things, an upcoming event, The Cost of Poverty.

In the second half, we hear highlights from the June 16th panel discussion on The Future of Social Housing: From Little Mountain to Heather Place, organized by the Vancouver Renters’ Union, featuring Barry Growe (Community Advocates for Little Mountain), Maria Wallstam (Vancouver Renters’ Union), Elvin Wyly (Professor, UBC Geography), and Richard Marquez (former San Francisco community activist). The entire panel discussion will be made available soon.

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