The Future of Social Housing Panel Discussion [full audio]

The audio for the entire panel discussion organized by the Vancouver Renters Union is available from the audio player below. During Tristan Markle’s introduction, you can hear Metro Vancouver Board Member and Vision Vancouver Councillor Geoff Megg’s attempt to interrupt the event and provide the ‘real’ or ‘actual’ facts about Heather Place (listen carefully at 4:36 and 5:15). He really didn’t like when the event organizers chose not to give him the air time that he wanted. It’s somewhat of a rare opportunity to see an elected official act in such a way, assuming that it is acceptable to interrupt a community event.


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  2. Goofy Grocer

    It’s actually more rare to see any elected official show up to an event like this, period.
    Thanks for posting the audio.. It’s the best evidence yet, confirming you self-important morons are as delusional as you are. Leave it to the “left” to eat their own, while letting the right wing off the hook. Nice work.

    • Andrew Longhurst

      Goofy Grocer, you are more than welcome to post with your real name when making ad hominem attacks. If you want to respectfully debate why it’s significant that a councillor appeared at this event and disrupted it, then I am happy to have that discussion.


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