[Podcast] Problems and Possibilities of Interim Housing Affordability Report // Quebec Student Leaders Report from the Frontline

In this week’s podcast, I unpack Vancouver’s housing affordability interim report with Coalition of Progressive Electors‘ (COPE) former city councillor Ellen Woodsworth. On Monday, June 25th, the Mayor’s Task Force on Housing Affordability released their interim report, making a number of recommendations. They made four major recommendations with somewhat specific strategies outlined in the report:

  • Increase supply and diversity of affordable housing
  • Enhance the City’s and the community’s capacity to deliver affordable rental and social housing
  • Protect existing social and affordable rental housing and explore opportunities to renew and expand the stock
  • Streamline and create more certainty and clarity in the regulatory process, and improve public engagement
Ellen Woodsworth responds to the report (the full interview is available from the audio player below):

COPE has been calling for an independent housing authority for years. […] I’m very concerned that what we’re going to get is not real affordability, and that the report is addressing people who’s incomes are over $21,000. […] We know that we’re losing hundreds of [rental] units to renovictions, buildings are being torn down, and we’re not seeing the replacement units being real affordable units.

In the second part of the podcast, we hear from President and Vice-President of La Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec, Martine Desjardins and Yanick Grégoire, as they report back from the frontline of the largest student mobilization in Quebec’s history. They spoke at an event hosted by the BC Federation of Labour and the Canadian Federation of Students at the Vancouver Public Library on June 19.


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