[Podcast] A Cultural Capital? Reflections From Vancouver’s Top Arts & Culture Bureaucrat

The dollars are limited and we have other support mechanisms, but ultimately, if it comes down to dollars, that’s going to end at some point. The city will continue its strong support for arts and culture, but can’t make up for the other levels of government. It is a challenge.

–Richard Newirth, Vancouver’s Managing Director of Cultural Services

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Vancouver’s top arts bureaucrat. Courtesy of Alliance for Arts and Culture.

The City discusses the state of arts and culture with Vancouver’s Managing Director of Cultural Services Richard Newirth, covering everything from liquor regulations, funding, the demise of Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company, affordable arts space, the eastward movement of artists within the city, and much more.

You can find more information about the plans, programs, and initiatives of the City of Vancouver’s Cultural Services here.


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