Please support The City, CiTR Radio, and critical urban discussions

Dear Friends,

The City was launched in February 2012. Since then, the program has a growing and committed listenership looking for a critical and progressive analysis of urban issues in Vancouver and beyond. This is the only radio program of its kind in Vancouver, and it is one of only a few podcasts out there that provides weekly critical urban analysis and commentary.

We have covered many topics, including arts and culture, neighbourhood change, urban economic development and industrial displacement, urban indigenous land struggles, social and political movements, gentrification, urban marginality, and much, much more. We have brought you interviews with diverse urban thinkers, activists, politicians, and commentators, including renowned urban sociologists Harvey Molotch (NYU) and Loic Wacquant (Berkeley/Paris), longtime Vancouver anti-poverty activist Jean Swanson, City of Vancouver Director of Cultural Services Richard Newirth, Vancouver City Councillor Andrea Reimer, striking UBC teaching assistants, and ‘small cities’ scholar and author Catherine Tumber, among many, many other guests. The City has also covered a variety of panels and events, bringing you interesting urban discussions that you otherwise would not have heard.

CiTR Radio provides the support and infrastructure to make this kind of unique programming possible. The City relies on the station for production, and live, as well as podcast, distribution. You can’t find programming like The City on commercial radio or CBC. CiTR is crucially important in our increasingly un-critical media landscape dominated by large corporate news organizations. CiTR Radio encourages and supports this important programming, and I urge you to support this wonderful non-profit, community radio station. Any level of support is greatly appreciated. You can donate online (not eligible to receive Fundrive swag) or live between 5-6pm Monday, March 4th by calling 604-822-8648.

Please note that due to a live broadcast, The City is airing live tomorrow instead of Tuesday, 5-6pm.

Thank you for your support,

Andy Longhurst, Host and Producer


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