The End of Immigration? Film Screening and Discussion – March 4th, 6pm

The City is co-hosting a screening and discussion of The End of Immigration? with UBC Cinema Politica. Krystle Alarcon, an independent multimedia journalist, will be reflecting on the film and speaking about the foreign temporary worker program. She is author of a four-part series published at examining the foreign temporary worker program and the recorded injustices and abuses associated with the program.

You can find the event details here, as well as the Facebook event page.

SYNOPSIS | Montreal filmmakers look at the regressive immigration policies of the Canadian state and the people most affected. The wind beats against a high telecom tower in Quebec. The camera finds a man on top of the tower, hard hat, safety glasses on. Several hundred feet or perhaps a thousand feet down, one catches a glimpse of forests and rivers snaking away, a small town in a bay in the distance, as when you see them from an aeroplane. Prosperous and orderly. The man is Asian and he has a smile on his face. The sound of subway trains are heard already and we find ourselves in the belly of the earth in Vancouver.


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