[Podcast] The Colonial Past and Present: Legacies of the Residential Schools

On the program, we hear two documentaries on the legacies of the Canadian residential schools.  In the first half, Janet Rogers’ documentary looks at the multi-generational effects of the residential schools, and in the second half, Matthew Norris’ documentary asks, “Why can’t the past be the past?” The documentaries are powerful documentaries that These documentaries were produced at CFUV Radio (Victoria) and CiTR Radio (Vancouver).

These documentaries were produced as part of the National Campus and Community Radio Association‘s (NCRA) Resonating Reconciliation project which funded fund 40 community radio stations across the country to each produce a 30-minute radio documentary on the legacy of Indian Residential Schools in Canada. The project was developed by Gunargie O’Sullivan, who served as the chair of the NCRA’s Native Caucus and member of the Board of Directors.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada funded the work as part of the Commission’s mandate to acknowledge residential school experiences, impacts and consequences and create a lasting historical record with a focus on the lived experiences of former students and their families.

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