[Podcast] From Abbotsford to Portland: Homelessness and Harm Reduction


Listen and subscribe to the podcast here.

On the program, we hear about the homelessness and harm reduction situation in Abbotsford, BC and an alternative transitional housing model in Portland, Oregon.

In 2005, the City of Abbotsford passed a bylaw effectively banning harm reduction services, and in summer of 2013, the City dumped manure on a homeless encampment in an attempt to force them out of the area. Pivot Legal Society’s DJ Larkin speaks about legal challenges against the City of Abbotsford that are currently in the courts. Just before Christmas, a court injunction forced the recently erected encampment in Abbotsford’s Jubilee Park to be dismantled.

Finally, we talk to Lisa Larson about her experience being homeless and her role of CEO of Dignity Village – an alternative housing model for homeless people in Portland, Oregon.

More on the topic: In June 2013, DJ Larkin wrote an article on lessons from Abbotsford and ‘how not to treat homeless people’.


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