Support another year of critical urban discussions

By making a $60 pledge, you can enjoy your coffee in a CiTR mug every morning!

By making a $60 pledge, you can enjoy your coffee in a CiTR mug every morning!

The City is produced at CiTR Radio in Vancouver, and the station cannot exist without your support. Every year, we ask you to support the critical, independent, and community-based programming that you enjoy and have come to expect. Please consider supporting The City and CiTR Radio by donating online. Donations are tax deductible or you can choose to receive awesome CiTR goodies. If you would like CiTR swag, you’ll need to call 604-822-8648 to pledge (say you are supporting The City!). Online pledges are not eligible for swag.

Why support CiTR Radio?

You are investing in the future of CiTR – one of Vancouver’s only independent and progressive media outlets. Operational expenses, upgrades, and equipment costs rely on Fundrive support. An up-to-date, better outfitted station means better radio for you.

CiTR is moving into a new space! In fall 2014, the station will be moving into new space in the new Student Union Building. The move will involve significant engineering, design and moving costs.

Fundraising is necessary to support operations and growth. The station has grown to rely on the contributions of our listeners, and the station now depends on the Fundrive to cover operational expenses. With this money, CiTR will be able to make continual improvements.

Please donate now!

Thank you for your support,

Andy Longhurst, Host & Producer


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