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[Podcast] Gender, Housing Rights, and Local Solutions to the Housing Crisis


What are local solutions to jointly addressing affordable housing, homelessness, and health? What are the gender dimensions to these issues? We explore these issues in a Vancouver context with four speakers who bring considerable experience and insight into providing safe, adequate, affordable, and gender-inclusive housing in the city.

  • Janice Abbott, CEO of Atira Women’s Resource Society and Atira Property Management Inc.
  • Janet Kreda, Manager of the Homelessness Secretariat, Metro Vancouver
  • Margot Young, Associate Professor of Law at UBC and Co-Principal Investigator of the Housing Justice Project
  • Jean Swanson, anti-poverty and anti-gentrification activist, Carnegie Community Action Project
  • Christine O’Fallon, homelessness researcher, Women Transforming Cities board member, and discussion facilitator

This discussion was recorded at the Women Transforming Cities National Conference held on May 30, 2013. The panel was called On the Streets Where We Live: Housing Rights and City-based Solutions for Women and Girls.

[Podcast] Sex and the Revitalized City: Gender, Condominium Development, and Urban Citizenship


Leslie Kern discusses her book, Sex and the Revitalized City: Gender, Condominium Development, and Urban Citizenship, and her research on the social and political implications of real estate development reshaping the landscape of cities.

Here’s a bit about her book:

Young, single women emerged in the late 1990s as powerful consumers in the wave of real estate development that was reshaping the landscape of cities. Reports claimed that condominium ownership offered women new-found freedom, financial independence, and personal security. But has home ownership truly empowered women, or were the reports merely celebratory rhetoric that disguised more disquieting trends?

To get at the reality behind the rhetoric, Sex and the Revitalized City explores the phenomenon from the perspective of planners, developers, and women condo owners to reveal that women’s relationship with the city is being remade in the image of fast capital and consumer citizenship. As filtered through condominium ownership, neoliberal ideologies are not freeing women from constraints — they are reinforcing patriarchal norms. This fresh look at urban revitalization exposes the notion of women’s emancipation through condominium ownership as a marketing ploy rather than a major shift in gender relations.

Dr. Leslie Kern is assistant professor of women’s studies at Mount Allison University.

[Podcast] Making Cities Work for Women: Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Urban Policy


Dr. Sylvia Bashevkin and urban planner Prabha Khosla speak at the Women Transforming Cities National Conference convened on May 30, 2013. Dr. Bashevkin is Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto and author of Tales of Two Cities: Women and Municipal Restructuring in London and Toronto (UBC Press). Ms. Khosla is an urban planner who works on cities, equalities, and democratic local governance. She has worked on issues of women’s rights and gender equality, social inclusion, urban sustainability, urban environments, democratizing local governance, water and sanitation, and training and capacity building for close to twenty years. Her recent publications include A Training Package: Improving Gender Equality and Grassroots Participation through Good Land Governance and Gender in Local Government: A Sourcebook for Trainers.

Dr. Bashevkin’s speaks to the question – How do women transform cities? – and Ms. Khosla discusses gender equality and social inclusion in municipal policies and services.