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[Podcast] Lessons from San Francisco? The Culture of Renting and the Politics of Rental Housing

San Francisco is one of the most desirable and expensive cities to live. Photo by Andy Longhurst.

San Francisco is one of the most desirable and expensive cities. How have renters organized to protect affordable housing? Photo by Andy Longhurst.

The Tyee’s Jackie Wong discusses her recent series ‘Generation Rent’

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Jackie Wong discusses her recent series, Generation Rent: Two Cities, Two Directions, recently published by The Tyee. We discuss the differences and similarities between Vancouver and San Francisco – and we specifically explore how political attitudes towards renting and renters can shape cities in profound ways.

What are the differences between these two west coast cities? And what might we learn from our southern neighbour?

In the interview, Jackie Wong refers to an article by The New Yorker’s George Packer on Silicon Valley and San Francisco’s growing urban inequality. It is an illuminating piece and you can read it here.

[Podcast] Divisions and Disparities in Lotus Land: The Social Geography of Income Polarization in Metro Vancouver

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UBC geography professor David Ley and geographer Nicholas Lynch co-authored a recent study, Divisions and Disparities in Lotus Land: Socio-Spatial Income Polarization in Greater Vancouver, 1970-2005. Nicholas Lynch presents the worrisome findings of the study, as we see an increasingly divided Vancouver and a disappearing middle class. He discusses the social geography of polarization across the region, the implications, and possible policy solutions.

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