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Documentary on Grandview-Woodland Planning Process

Simon Fraser University student John Nguyen recently produced this timely documentary – Grand View – on the east Vancouver Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood planning process. The film provides a variety of perspectives on the process and opposition. The City‘s host and producer Andy Longhurst is featured in the documentary. You can find The City‘s special radio documentary on the topic here.

[Podcast] Global Climate Change and Urban Policies: Do Local Strategies Matter?

jaccardMark Jaccard provides a critical look at urban climate policies and actions

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Failed efforts at the international, national and sub-national levels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have prompted some city governments to set their own greenhouse gas targets and implement policies in pursuit of these. But how can we determine the effectiveness of these policies? Are urban climate strategies just hype or potentially a significant answer to these challenges? We hear from Simon Fraser University School of Resource and Environmental Management professor and Nobel Peace Prize (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) recipient Mark Jaccard on the podcast.

30 professors speak out against Sequel condos on Pantages site in DTES

Many professors, primarily from the UBC and SFU Geography Departments, have spoken out against the proposed Sequel 138 condo development in the heart of the Downtown Eastside on the Pantages Theatre site at East Hastings and Main Street. They are expressing serious concerns over how this development will continue to gentrify the neighbourhood and put upward pressure on rents and ultimately push low-income residents out.