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[Podcast] Divisions and Disparities in Lotus Land: The Social Geography of Income Polarization in Metro Vancouver

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UBC geography professor David Ley and geographer Nicholas Lynch co-authored a recent study, Divisions and Disparities in Lotus Land: Socio-Spatial Income Polarization in Greater Vancouver, 1970-2005. Nicholas Lynch presents the worrisome findings of the study, as we see an increasingly divided Vancouver and a disappearing middle class. He discusses the social geography of polarization across the region, the implications, and possible policy solutions.

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[Podcast] Idle No More: Issues, Perspectives, and Histories

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On the podcast, we hear from Arthur Manuel (Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade and Defenders of the Land Network),  Dr. Glen Coulthard (Assistant Professor in UBC’s First Nations Studies and  Department of Political Science), and Khelsilem Rivers (Idle No More organizer and language revitalization activist) on the Idle No More movement. These speakers were part of a recently convened public forum in Vancouver. Speakers provide a background to the movement and situate it within the colonial-capitalist past and present. They also challenge a number of misconceptions about the indigenous rights movement perpetuated by the mainstream media and conservative commentators.

The title track of Vancouver aboriginal hip hop artist JB the First Lady’s Get Ready Get Steady is featured at the beginning of the program. The podcast concludes with a spoken word piece from her.

Thank you to the organizers of the Idle? Know more! panel. You can find videos of the many speakers here.

Below Professor Coulthard provides a concise and useful historical context through which to situate Idle No More.