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[Podcast] Tearing Down the Viaducts: Green for All or Green for Some?

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Vancouver City Council, under the direction of the ruling Vision Vancouver party, wants to remove two remnants of the never fully realized inner city highway system in the downtown core. But, in the process, two long-standing community gardens are threatened with demolition. In this documentary, Green for All or Green for Some, Peter Driftmier explores the debate around the removal of the viaduct through the twin lenses of gentrification and environmental sustainability.

City staff have yet to come back to council with final recommendations on the removal of the viaducts. In recent months, the Strathcona Residents Association has expressed serious concerns about the possibility of increased traffic volume on Prior Street, and community groups in the Downtown Eastside have also expressed similar concerns regarding increased traffic along Hastings Street. The Vancouver Courier reported in an April 11th article that the staff report on the viaducts future is expected in June 2013.

This documentary was originally produced for Redeye on Vancouver’s Coop Radio 100.5 FM and aired in Fall 2012. Peter Driftmier is a producer with the Redeye Collective, and we are pleased to bring you this documentary. Thank you to Peter Driftmier and Redeye for permission to rebroadcast.

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[Podcast] Divisions and Disparities in Lotus Land: The Social Geography of Income Polarization in Metro Vancouver

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UBC geography professor David Ley and geographer Nicholas Lynch co-authored a recent study, Divisions and Disparities in Lotus Land: Socio-Spatial Income Polarization in Greater Vancouver, 1970-2005. Nicholas Lynch presents the worrisome findings of the study, as we see an increasingly divided Vancouver and a disappearing middle class. He discusses the social geography of polarization across the region, the implications, and possible policy solutions.

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[Podcast] COPE Addresses Seniors’ Housing and the Musqueam Land Struggle

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The Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) brought seniors’ housing issues and Musqueam’s ongoing land struggle to the forefront with guest speakers at their recent general membership meeting held on September 9th, 2012.

Rhiannon Bennett. Courtesy of Straight.com.

Rhiannon Bennett, a Musqueam band member, reflected on the ongoing 130+ day struggle to protect their burial grounds from condo development in South Vancouver.

Gail Harmer. Courtesy of Coscobc.ca.

Gail Harmer, seniors’ advocate and housing activist, addressed the challenges moderate and low-income seniors face when trying to find affordable and appropriate housing in Vancouver. She discussed some of the specific issues faced by seniors in neighbourhoods which have high concentrations of seniors, including Strathcona and Killarney.